Anonymous 809

Everyone has insecurities even I know that,
but flaws make you beautiful,
they create you for if you did not have them
you would be like barbie you would not like that
would you? Fat girls try to be skinny, skinny girls
try to be fat. Flat chested girls get implants then
big chested girls get deductions, but why try and
fix that? Birthmarks, Pimples beauty marks and such.
Maybe they suck but come on cheer up. It is what
makes you who you are you are beautiful just the way
you are. No one sees beauty in their own eyes, only
the flaws not the diamonds in their eyes. You should be
confident not conceited i say because no one likes
the girl who thinks she is hot stuff and brags about
it all day but confident is good and that is what you
should try and be change that low self esteem and make
it higher then a tree! This may be cheesy but remember
its true you are beautiful just by being you.