The day without you

The day without you is like a day without smile, a day without opening eyes. I feel so alone without you. There is nothing special about that time which I spend without you. Loving you is the best thing of day to day activity. Please, always be there for me.

Love in life

They say love is life what if life goes away from you…. You miss it, run for it but never get it through so better when it comes to you, grab it with both of your hand.

Between you and me

There are lot of obstacles between you and me. Our society, customs, tradition and religion are different. I am sure that they will not accept you. But for this, can I afford to skip you. No way! Later or sooner, they will understand the power of love. Time will diminish these clauses and we will be happy on our decision. I am more than happy with you and my life is worth if I spend it in your arms. So lets dare and meet our target.

When I don’t feel well

They say go to doctor if you are not feeling well – but I say I should go to my love to feel well. You are my everything and I feel so relaxed when I am in your company.

Getting Back to You

Aha, I am here again with you and your thoughts. Tried a lot to control my feelings but could not. They are really very strong and killing them is not possible. I am in a neutral mode, waiting for your kind response with loving voice. I hope someday, we get what we dream for.

Is that you?

Is that you, who keep coming into my dreams? Is that you, who can not let sleep? Is that you, who always motivate me to be something in my life? Is that you, who has always a concern for me?

If it is you than let me tell you that I love you so badly and I am doing all this to bring you permanently in my life.

Happy in Your Happiness

You are far away from me, but when I hear that you are happy with your partner, I feel happy because it makes me feel relaxed that someone is taking good care of you. My love is in your smile. Miss you.

I Feel so special When..

“My eyes feels so relax when you look into them. My name cheers when you pronounce it. My heart starts beating so fast when you hug me. I feel so special when you touch me. My life has become so beautiful because you are inseparable part of it. You are the only person I need in my life.”

Here, a lover describes how he/she feels when they’re together. How his/her life has changed significantly after love. In-fact, they are the world for each others. They don’t need anyone because their love is quite enough to make them happy and satisfy. And if you ever fall in love, you better understand this.