My love for you is a commitment

“My love for you is a commitment and I always try to stick at it. I want to see you, talk to you to feel the touch of love. You’ve really changed my life from dull to bright, from sad to happy, from boring to interesting.”

Commitment and I always try to stick at it

Don’t compare our Love

“I know you love me but why do you lose your temper and feel so insecure when my friends come? Why do you think that your love is getting shared? They have their own value and you have very special value. So please don’t compare our love with them. I can have fun and laughter with them but with you I live the most pleasant moment of my life”

“I want to spend quality time with you. I want you to love me without fear. You are mine but I have to take care of lots more another things. I hope you understand. I die to meet you and one day we will live our dream days”

20 Reasons For Loving You

‘Share, with your beloved, these 20 reasons for loving them. You should always remember them on your tips as they may ask anytime. Lol’

1. You really understand me.
2. You are always honest with me no matter how tough it is.
3. You bring out the best in me.
4. You feel sleepy but you stay up late talking to me until i’m ready to sleep.
5. I dream only person that is you.
6. You know what I like and you call me baby.
7. How adorable you are.
8. You never get bored of me.
9. I always feel like you’re right here beside me.
10. Every time I hear your voice or name, Ii smile.
11. We have same likings and interests.
12. I behave like an idiot but you don’t seem to mind.
13. Since the day you came into my life, everything’s been so perfect.
14. Because of you, no matter what may happen tomorrow, today, my life is more complete.
15. I bring positive vibes in me.
16. I can feel your love, in the warmth of your touch, because it touches my heart and soul
17. I respect the faith you have in me and love you for it.
18. You never pull my legs even when I look like a clown.
19. You never give up on me and that’s what keeps me going.
20. You’re someone I can be weird with.

Love is enough

“During Life – When you have nothing left but love,
then for the first time
you become aware that love is enough.”