Feel the Need

“If you still feel the urge to insult your ex or their new lover, you obviously have feelings left for them”

Memories made with you

“Although I am far from you and settled my life. But I still miss you and there is an empty space, feelings and emotions in my heart just for you. I try to keep myself busy to forget the memories made with you but somehow they come to me and I start thinking about you”

Anonymous 759

I am happy and I know it, thank to you ex! We are never ever ever , getting back together.

Anonymous 697

The time when you see your ex again after long time. It makes so many memories live.

Anonymous 657

“The biggest lie is ‘I’m happy for you!’ when your ex-love found someone new”

Anonymous 515

I would love my ex to death.. But we could never be because we are both too driven and too combative.

Taylor Swift

I play the guitar, laugh a lot and drive past my ex-boyfriend’s house. I still believe that love can last forever.

Anonymous 485

I want to be the boy your ex will hate, your fammily will love, and the one you’re never going to forget.

Anonymous 484

My ex took all the love I ever had & was willing to give. I don’t think I’ll ever love hard again. Well at least until I’m more independent.