Your love is my food

“I really need you to be live because your love is my food and your tongue is my bath, your touch is my heartbeat. I am so strongly attracted to you that can do anything to get you in my life”

3 Words

“3 words, 8 letters. 3 syllables, 5 vowels, 3 consonants, 2 nouns, one emotion, many meanings, a big lie, a rare truth: I LOVE YOU!”

Love feels like

“Love is the color of an apple.
It smells like steaming hot chocolate!
Love looks like a rosy red heart.
It tastes like your favorite ice cream!!
It sounds like the ocean
washing up against your feet.
Love feels like when I give my mom and dad a kiss goodnight!”

When it comes to you

“I am very angry kind of person and people scared of me, but when it comes to you, my heart starts beating fast and I melt like candle in front of fire. I am really in love with you”

As long as my heart beats

“You are the song with in me, The rhythm and the rhyme;
A song that grows much sweeter, With the passing time.
So take these tender spoken words, And tuck them in your heart;
Then as long as my heart beats for you”

Angel Eyes

“Do you miss what we shared together? The talks we had late at night. The way you knew me so well. Do you miss the crazy things I do or say? Do you miss the way I made you laugh when you was in pain? Do you miss my smile? Do you miss my laugh? Or better yet do miss the way my eyes looked up at you? Do you miss my touch? I guess what I am asking you is do you miss me and do you still care?”

Some of our Thoughts..

“Some of our thoughts are better left unsaid,
Some of our feelings are better kept to ourselves,
But Love has it’s way of expressing itself despite the silence”