Johnny Depp 3

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are
dogs and infants”

“I think the thing to do is enjoy the ride while you’re on it”

“I’m not sure I’m adult yet”

Federico Fellini

“There is abundant testimony That if we choose love rather than self, We gain immeasurably”

“There is no end.
There is no beginning.
There is only the passion of life”

Federico Fellini (Italian pronunciation: [fede?ri?ko fel?li?ni]; January 20, 1920 – October 31, 1993) was an Italian film director and scriptwriter. Known for a distinct style that blends fantasy and baroque images, he is considered one of the most influential filmmakers of the 20th century, and is widely revered. He won five Academy Awards, becoming the person who won the highest number of Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film in history. (source –

Rob Cella

“A relationship is like a rose, How long it lasts, no one knows. Love can erase an awful past, love can be yours, you’ll see at last. To feel that love, it makes you sigh, To have it leave, you’d rather die. You hope you’ve found that special rose, ’cause you love and care for the one you chose”

Beautiful words said by ‘Rob Cella’ to understand the value of relationships.

Don Juan deMarco

There are four questions of value in life… What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.

Anonymous 1007

I just wanna be with one person. I don’t have the energy and mind to maintain multiple relationships. I want to focus on and satisfy one individual.

Haruki Murakami

If you can love someone with your whole heart, even one person, then there’s salvation in life. Even if you can’t get together with that person.

Muriel Barbery

The real ordeal is not leaving those you love but learning to live without those who don’t love you.