Glow to my face

“Just thinking of you,

Makes my heart race,

There’s no one like you,

Who brings a glow to my face”

Our Love Story

“Your and mine love story is unmatchable and unexplainable, can’t be expressed in two letters”

To a smile

“May each morning you awaken, To a smile upon your face
If clouds are in the skies, May sunshine take their place”

Shannen Doherty

“I still get nervous on dates. I’ll be sitting at dinner with a guy and I have to excuse myself and go to the bathroom because I can’t breathe”

Love makes strange enemies

“Love makes strange enemies. Makes love where love may please. The soul in it’s strip tease. Hate brought to its knees. The sky over our head, we can reach it from our bed. You let me in your heart, and out of my head. Oh can’t you see what love has done? Oh can’t you see what love has done? Oh can’t you see what love has done? What it’s doing to me..?”

Santosh Kalwar

What you had yesterday is only memories; what you will have tomorrow is your dreams and what you will do today, let it be love.

Hafiz of Persia

Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.