“No, let me try and get this out. You’re ama- I’m not an idiot, I know how the world works. I’ve got ten bucks in my pocket, I have no-nothing to offer you and I know that. I understand. But I’m too involved now. You jump, I jump remember? I can’t turn away without knowing you’ll be all right… That’s all I want”

Lena Meyer – Landsrut’s Eurovision

“I went everywhere for you
I even did my hair for you
I bought new underwear they’re blue
and I wore ’em them just the other day

Love you know I’d fight for you
I left on the porch light for you
Whether you are sweet or cruel
I’m gonna love you either way

Love oh love
I gotta tell you how I feel about you
Cause I oh I can’t go a minute without your love
Like a satellite
I’m in an orbit all the way around you
And I would fall out into the night
Can’t go a minute without your love..”

Movie – The Notebook

“I am no one special, just a common man with common thoughts. I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten. But in one respect, I’ve succeeded as gloriously as anyone who ever lived. I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul, and for me, that has always been enough”

I’m In Love Lyrics, Ginuwine

“As the day goes by I’m always thinkin’ of your face
Your hair, your eyes, your sweet lips and the way they taste
You got me goin’ on a high that I have never felt
A beautiful thing, not like the same thing

Let’s think we’ve got it so amazing what I love the most
Is how we can talk and how we laugh and the fact we’re so close
It’s no illusion but it’s magic, no tricks involving
With you I’ve got it all, you I’ve got it all

I’m in love, I’m in love, do you hear me?
Was so scared, not prepared but it just hit me
Glad it’s us, now I’m good, I’m so in love
I’m in love, I’m in love and it’s a good thing
Many miss out on things, real lover’s bring
Glad it’s us, now I’m good, I’m so in love, so in love, baby”