Happy Valentines

“The person who truly loves you, will find a way without any excuse”

“I love you and I pray we shall be together for the rest of all coming valentine days of our life”

“On this day of lovers – Take a vow for being loyal and faithful to them”

“You are mine, forever and always”

“So what if I am not the best – I’m for sure not like the rest”

“Being with you makes me feel so safe and happy”

“We laugh, we kiss, we talk..
Draw pictures in the sand..
Along the ocean we walk..
Just her and I, Hand in Hand”

“Love is supposed to start with bells ringing and go downhill from there. But it was the opposite for me. There’s an intense connection between us, and as we stayed together, the bells rang louder”

Very Romantic Love Quote

When I am in your arms“When I am in your arms, It’s like the world doesn’t exist.”

Because of you, I laugh little hard, I cry little less and I smile little more!

Morning will be little better if you he wakes next to me.

I actually fell for you even before even I realized I did.

Chemistry is you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire!