Sometimes life gives you lovely surprises

You never know when you gonna get the best out of life. Sometimes love/likeness happens on first sight even when you don’t even expect it. Sometimes you meet a stranger and in next few moments, she/he comes so close to you that your lost feelings start awakening and you express your love, feelings and care you always dream for. This kind of bonding is rare and happens once in a life and for some hours, you experience the best time of your life. It gives us amazing feeling of satisfaction when we get the same in return we give.

So with her, when you:
See – Your heart beats fast.
Dance – You are on the top of the world
Kiss – close eyes and feel it.
Hug – You feel the world in your arm
Hold her hand – You feel so much cared
On Drive – Her head on your shoulder, you feel so good and dream like she sleep in your arms and you keep looking at her.

I can share the good thing about that person is:

She is still with you even after knowing your present/past.
She understand and feel your pain. She has the power to make you happy with her smile.
She spares time to hear you.

It clearly means that she is so strong and has owner of very clean and kind heart because that beautiful person has accepted you as a friend even getting hurt from you. She has forgiven you and wish good life for you.

Why it happens that the person you need in life meets you in the last. Well, this thing can be know by God only. What you can do is keep walking and experience the new phrase of life with her.

To be continued…..

Only Love is Not Enough

Yes, you read it right! Only love is not enough you must do lot of actions to achieve it. Hiding feelings, doing love to someone and not letting them know is not good thing. If you love somebody, just tell her/him. So here are some of the best conclusion of love which you must take care and bring into your actions:

1. With only love you can not make life beautiful, you have to dream big.
2. If you have feelings, you must improve your standard of life and must do extraordinary things to achieve something big.
3. You must satisfy her by making her dreams come to true. For this, you need money and for money, you must work hard.
4. Kissing, doing physical in bed is not enough, you must show your love in social places like holding her hand, taking her side, protecting them etc.
5. It is not the game of one day… It is life time thing.
6. Do anything to bring smile on her/his face.

What is Love

Millions of people search frequently to know what is LOVE! Well the answer of this query is not easy. The definition of Love varies from person to person and from situation to situation. But in simple words Love means a pure feeling for someone where there is not place for selfishness. When you under go through this feeling, you can only think about their happiness. It is not easy because this is not mandatory that if you love somebody, they also also you back. This case may hurt you a lot but it is fact.


Some people say that:
Love is infatuation.
It is relationship of hearts.
Eye speaks and smile works.
Life is useless without it.
Whether you sleeping, awake, study or work – you always keep on thing about her/him.
It makes you crazy.
You are in air.
Love is disease.
It is most beautiful thing what happens in your life.
Love makes you live like a King.
It is mandatory thing of life.
It kills.

So in above lot of definitions, you can find yours. Most of human being go though it and it makes them so sensative and mature. We can say that:

Love means a feeling or care for one another which bounds you both together.
It is concern for her/him.
It shows that you are well wisher.
Love is magnet which keeps you both together always.
It is real thing.

Not necessary

To make love, to feel you – it is not necessary that I am or you are have to be with me. I feel give you my sense of care and love through my heart. And conversation between hear and heart is best ever. Hope, you understand me and accept me.

The Unexpected Moments

The Unexpected moments are always sweeter. The way you get it, the feeling you experience and the happiness you enjoy, can not be explained in words. I am sure you have got my point.

In the end

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

A very true love quote describing the whole story of a love life. God is very calculative and plays a fair game. So in the end when you sit and evaluate how much love you’ve received, you’ll find that it is equal to the ;love you have given. The lesson is try to give as much as possible. By this way you gonna help yourself in getting lots of care and importance.

Nothing is more beautiful

“Nothing is more beautiful than the love that has weathered the storms of life. The love of the young for the young, that is the beginning of life. But the love of the old for the old, that is the beginning of things longer.”

I was going to get you..

“I was going to get you flowers, but I knew they would fade before you touched them,
I was going to send you a hug, but I knew you were too far away to feel it.
I was going to blow you a kiss, but I knew the oceans would wisp it away from you.
I was going to send you my heart.. But then I realized that you had already stolen it”

Play and Cuddle

“I want to play out in the snow with my boyfriend and make a snowman and then when we get cold we can cuddle by the fire”