Saint Augustine

“What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like”

“O Lord, help me to be pure, but not yet”

“Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul”

Augustine of Hippo (November 13, 354 – August 28, 430) also known as St. Augustine, St. Austin, or St. Augoustinos. He was a Latin philosopher and theologian from the Africa Province of the Roman Empire and is generally considered as one of the greatest Christian thinkers of all times. His writings were very influential in the development of Western Christianity. Major work – Confessions of St. Augustine City of GodOn Christian Doctrine. (source –


I become a waterwheel, turning and tasting you, as long as water moves.

Mother Teresa

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.

Fran Lebowitz

“Romantic love is mental illness. But it’s a pleasurable one. It’s a drug. It distorts reality, and that’s the point of it. It would be impossible to fall in love with someone that you really saw”


Lust tastes like tequila, love tastes like whiskey. Love burns for longer, warms you up on the inside and sometimes makes you do stupid things. Tequila just makes you wasted. You get wasted on lust and warmed on love.

Jeff VerStraete

“The sweat of their bodies, listened in the candle light. Collapsing in each others arms, Somewhere in the middle of the night”