Drew Barrymore – From the movie “Never Been Kissed”

I’ve kissed a guy… I’ve kissed guys. I just haven’t felt that thing…. That thing… that moment when you kiss someone and everything around you becomes hazy, and the only thing in focus is you and this person. And you realize that that person is the only person you’re supposed to kiss for the rest of your life. And for one moment you get this amazing gift. And you wanna laugh and you wanna cry, ‘cause you feel so lucky that you’ve found it, and so scared that I’ll go away all at the same time.

Michaela Tatualla

I want to kiss your reddish lips,
I want to touch your rosy cheeks,
I want to hear your lovely voice,
Although it can make a loud noise..

I will forget all my sorrow,
Just to be with you tomorrow,
Thinking you’re always beside me,
Hoping that you’ll never leave me..


I loved him as we always love for the first time; with idolatry and wild passion.

Alexandra Adornetto

I prayed for all his dreams to come true. I prayed that I would always be able to connect with him–even if I was no longer on earth.