Happy and Sad

What can be most shocking news for a lover? Just guess! When your beloved is officially pregnant with someone else’s child. It seems like earth is cracked and you are inside it. You really can not decide either you should be happy for her and sad for your defeat.

Anyways, love is all about taking care of your beloved. You should think that she is happy and it is your happiness as well.

To remove my sadness

“If you can not be my pencil to write my happiness,
than please at-least be my eraser to remove my sadness”

You Just Have to Say Goodbye

“Don’t you ever think that I don’t love you..
That, for one minute, I forgot you..
But, sometimes, things don’t work out right..
And you just have to say goodbye”

But you still don’t care?

“Ever since you knew how mad I am for you,
You made me more cry and now every-time our love goes sour,
You won’t sympathize,
You notice these tears falling down to my ears,
I swear you like when I’m in pain,
I try to tell you all my fears, but you still don’t care?”

When I lay and think

When I lay and think, in my bed at night,
the day you’ll arrive, seems nowhere in sight.
I toss and I turn, dreaming of you,
opening my eye’s… checking if my dream came true.
It didn’t, again, and a tear starts to roll,
weeping quietly… my pillow I hold.

Leaves you in pain

“Love is like poison..
It goes through your veins..
Shoots through your heart..
Messes up your brain..
And leaves you in pain!”