I want to know you, I want you to care

“I want to know you, I want you to care, I want to feel your heart beat, In time with mine, Holding my hand, Caress my face,
Missing your smile, And we’ve only met, Love of my life, Did you want to be my, Heart? My sweets, My Soul mate.”

I want to touch you the way

“I want to touch you the way sunbeams touch the grass – warmly, lightly. I want to hold you the way darkness holds the stars – gently, nightly. I want to kiss you the way raindrops kiss the flowers – slowly, sweetly. I want to love you the way the earth loves the sky – constantly, completely.”

You’re so different. Your actions..

“You’re so different. Your actions show me how much you love me. Your style of kissing even before I finish a sentence, your passion, Holding hands, Playing with my hairs, Buying gifts for me no reason, immediate reply to my texts, saying stupid things just to be in touch with me. Yes, me too love you stupid! You’re my sweet baby and I am always going to stay with you in this life or next or next.”

Silence speaks so loud

“Silence speaks so loud. It holds more voice than any scream.. when it is between two strangers – It creates a relationship.. But when it is comes between two lovers – It breaks the relationship.. Silence is the sign of your satisfaction.. It also shows you are down-in-the-mouth.. Sometime you be silent so you could see them and sometimes you be silent when you don’t want to hurt them.”