You will never know

“When I first saw you, you took my breath away. When you first talked to me, I couldn’t think. When you asked me out, I couldn’t respond. When you touched me, I got shivers all through my body. And when we first kissed, I floated away in my dreams. It’s magic each time we hold each other, each time we cuddle, and each time we kiss. I feel goosebumps all over again. I never want to let you go for fear of losing you, so I just hold on a little bit tighter each day, refusing to let go. You will never know the warmth I feel inside me when I’m with you. You’re all I ever wanted”

Love is the Air

Love is the air that I breathe in every night, love is the thoughts that you give me, love is everything that you give me and that is why
~ I LOVE U ~

Never been so Happy

“I’ve never been so happy,
Never smiled so much,
And never melted so quickly,
From any mans touch”

I Miss You

“I miss the times we spent together,
I miss when we talk about nothing for hours,
I miss our ‘I love you more’ fights,
I miss you”

Time and Effort

“To be honest, you’re the only one I’ve ever spent this much time and effort on”

You’re millions of miles away

“I want to be with you,
But you’re millions of miles away.
I wish you would call just to ask about my day.
It would make things so much better if I could hear your voice,
I guess I can’t complain too much, it just wasn’t your choice”

Hey You

“Your shirt has to go.. Hey you! yes You.. Only shirt – Not you”

Why I keep on Loving You

“Ask Me why I keep on Loving you when its clear
that You don’t feel the same for me. The problem is
that as far as I can’t force You to Love me, I can’t
force Myself in stop Loving You”