Who makes you SMILE

Don’t go for looks – They Deceive.
Don’t go for wealth – It Fades.
Go for someone who makes you SMILE šŸ™‚
Because only a smile can make a Dark day Bright.

True Love and Loyal Friends

“A real relationship is when both of you are scared to lose each other. Truly said – True love and loyal friends are two of the hardest things to find”

A Relationship

“A relationship is not just holding hands..
While you understand each other..
It is about having lots of misunderstandinĀ­gs and..
Still not leaving each otherā€™s hands”

Love me or Hate me

“Love me or hate me – Both are in my favor,

If you love me – Iā€™ll always be in your heart,

If you hate me – Iā€™ll always be in your mind”

Imperfect Person

“Never avoid the imperfect person just for the sake of looking for the perfect person, because you’ll probably miss that imperfect person who could make your life perfectly awesome”