Bound to fall in love

We as a human being, the beautiful creature of God, are bound to fall in love. Opposite attracts and our heart starts liking that person. The voice, body language, attraction, care, sense of understanding and natural vibes play vital role in any affair. Ours is also comes in existence in the same way. Somewhere I realize that you do lot of care for me. You have given me lot of beautiful moments and I am grateful to you for your courtesy. I am sure, in future, we will keep growing like this.

Under One Sky

It took me long time and countless efforts to bring you under my sky. I knew that you have strong feelings for me but you hide them. I wanted you to admit it that I am very special for like you are to me. But believe me, that this hard work is worthy. I am glad to enjoy the fruit of my labour. You are with me, showing me your deepest love and expressing that how much you care for me. It is like I am in heaven and world’s most beautiful person is with me. I am the king of the world and you are my princess. Now we live our life with each others. Thank you all this.

Nothing is more beautiful

“Nothing is more beautiful than the love that has weathered the storms of life. The love of the young for the young, that is the beginning of life. But the love of the old for the old, that is the beginning of things longer.”

99: Exclusive – Vol 4

76. “You think I’m strong? Well, though I seem to be tough, I’m afraid of one thing. It’s realizing that I’ve lost the person whom I gather strength from. So don’t ever go. I’m not that strong.”

77. “I’ll get over you when forever ends.”

78. “I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it.”
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Everything You Need

“It’s always good to take care what you have rather than to repenting what you don’t have”

My love imaginations quote

“I need those love bites”

“You’re so sweet that I can not help myself staring at you.”

“I am sure one day you will officially be mine but you need to trust on me and be patient.”

“Don’t lose hope. If your feeling are true – God will help you”

“Beautiful people don’t know their worth so you’re. Come to me so I could describe about your glow, charm and cuteness.”

“I gonna give you everything you need – if you give me the importance.”

Happy Love Quotes Page 2

“You can never forget your first love. Even if you are moved on and happy, or even fall in love with someone else. First love is always stay in your heart and mind”

“First you learn to be happy with yourself, than find someone to fall in love with”

“Yes – I admit that I love you but I am not going to wait for you forever, so if you want me in your life, tell me before I give up on you and move on”
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Beautiful Love Promises

Most beautiful Love Promises that everyone wants from a Lover..

– I am daily going to wish you good morning.

– I will take care of our families.

– I will never escape a single day without kissing you.

– I will always love you without any reason .

– I will always hug you, at least 10 times in a day.

– I will understand you and always talk to you.

– If we fight, or had some argument we will talk only by hugging each other.

A Life without You

“You are so beautiful
And are so kind
I just want to make you mine
Because when you smile, you truly shine
All the colors, i cannot find

A life without you
Is a life not worth living
Because then you wouldn’t see
The true face of beauty

If it wasn’t for you
I wouldn’t have found
The place in my heart
That is truly profound

And if you were not here
I would be so unhappy
Even if you think
That this poem is sappy

And if we were together
It would be so much better
Because we could do anything
Anything and everything

This is my promise
For me and for you
To be together
And just see what we could do”