Anonymous 781

When in life, I fall in love,
I want to be with him – always In happiness,
to smile with him, and be the one to hug him near.
In sadness, to cry with him, and be the one to dry his tears.
When I fall in love, I will spend my every waking and sleeping
moments with him and catch each moment in its eternally lovely form.
When I fall in love, I will miss him the very moment I say ‘goodbye’ and my heart will yearn for the very moment..
I say ‘hello’. When I fall in love, all my old hurts
and pains will seem lost and faded away and I will be strong and
brave once again. When I fall in love, I want you to be happy
always, ever and feel like the happiest person of them all.. Because that’s what I will feel, when I fall in love, with you.

Anonymous 562

It feels great when a boyfriend points to you, in front of their friends and says, “that’s her, my girl, my love, my life”

Anonymous 558

It feels great when – You smile at me for no reason, kiss me when I think of, hug me, hold my hands, consider and care for my feelings, prefer me without make up, understand my mood, stay committed, respect me and my family.

Anonymous 556

You are too good. You take care of my everything – whether it is my favorite food, color, movie, place, song or clothes..

Anonymous 540

Listening to nothing but him all the day. Why people just don’t realize how big my love for him is.

A Thousand People..

A thousand people could tell me that they think I’m beautiful but it doesn’t mean anything unless it comes from you.