Only Love is Not Enough

Yes, you read it right! Only love is not enough you must do lot of actions to achieve it. Hiding feelings, doing love to someone and not letting them know is not good thing. If you love somebody, just tell her/him. So here are some of the best conclusion of love which you must take care and bring into your actions:

1. With only love you can not make life beautiful, you have to dream big.
2. If you have feelings, you must improve your standard of life and must do extraordinary things to achieve something big.
3. You must satisfy her by making her dreams come to true. For this, you need money and for money, you must work hard.
4. Kissing, doing physical in bed is not enough, you must show your love in social places like holding her hand, taking her side, protecting them etc.
5. It is not the game of one day… It is life time thing.
6. Do anything to bring smile on her/his face.

Sometime when You are Away

I miss you sometimes when you are away and want that you must be with me right now. I wish you could know my feelings about you. Dreams sometimes come true and hope mine as well go live. I wanna take good care of you.
I miss you my love

Your Magnetic Effetc

Your magnetic effect dragging me towards you. Oh my love, how attractive you are! Look through my eyes, you are the earth’s most beautiful girl. I can not leave you at all, not even in dreams. y feelings for you are true and for forever.

Is that you?

Is that you, who keep coming into my dreams? Is that you, who can not let sleep? Is that you, who always motivate me to be something in my life? Is that you, who has always a concern for me?

If it is you than let me tell you that I love you so badly and I am doing all this to bring you permanently in my life.

Really need you

“I can not live without you, I am very desperate for you, You often come into my dreams, I really need you, I want you. I love you…. Meal!!”

Girl of my dreams

“You are the girl of my dreams,you are the one I can die for,
You are the angel of my life, Your heart is always gentle and pure,
Your spirit is strong and You are my everything”

Loving me without end

“For hearing my thoughts, understanding my dreams and being my best friend… for filling my life with joy and loving me without end… I do”

Alexandra Adornetto

I prayed for all his dreams to come true. I prayed that I would always be able to connect with him–even if I was no longer on earth.