Love is what we make it

Love is something which must express and what we make it. We always have all the options. We can celebrate this cutest feeling or we can keep it inside but we must let it flow. Enjoy, say everything you are going through and make it be chapter of your life.

Popular feeling of Love

A very pure feeling which is popular as love. In it, you feel like you are so blessed and all your deepest imaginations go live. Do remember that when it knocks your heart’s door, welcome it with full energy. Express your thinking like this moment is never going to come again. Live every single of it. Thank God and move in the right track.

Love is all about expressing with Quotes

He/she is not having super natural powers to understand how much you love. Love is all about expressing and you can do it with the help of Quotes. What is the problem if you go and say that you can not live without him, you always think about her, you can not live happily at all if she/he is not with you! Come on, never let your ego overcome you. What is the benefit of keeping things locked inside in your heart. You must show whatever you feel otherwise you are going to repent all your life.

expressing love

Some love quotes to inspire you to go ahead:

May be I am too late to be your first love, but I am going to give you lots of love and care that I will only be your last.

We are good together otherwise you and I alone are worst thing.

I am amazed with the way your touched me without using your hands!

Our love is going to be our power for whole life and it will help us to grow.

We will walk together, laugh together and live happily together.

Great things can happen if we passionate to achieve them, I have the same feelings for you.

Do you think about me when we are apart. I do it the the time.

Feelings never change but people do.

The value

The value of Quotes about love can be understood from those who are going through the feeling of it. This is like an ocean; you cannot measure how deep it is until you do not dive into it. Two souls with no past relation, come into the connection of one another, start liking, sense care and natural bonding and then flow in its direction. They develop very strong intimacy and take oath of staying together for forever. Social, cultural, language and traditional differences do not matter for them. They are born to love, adore, pamper each other. They just feel the unlimited love for each others and know that they cannot live separate. There happiness and satisfactions are together and they willing to do anything to achieve it.

Many people feel helpless in expressing their feelings, but no worries because here our love quotes come into existence. They give power to them in exploring their emotions. Millions of quotations are there to choose from. The does the same for the couples. Here, we write the best possible words for them and happy to be their partner in their story.

So here, we have categorized as we get into a relationship:

For Starting Stage:

I feel like telling you how important you are to me. You are the person who has stolen my heart. I cannot sleep well, I cannot study well, I cannot work well because I am well only when I am with you.

My mind never stops thinking about you.

I dress well to grab you attention, I keep searching for the things you like, I wanna make you smile.

I wish someday I will be able to tell you that how mad I am for you.

After confirmation:

When you both confirmed to each other and given consent to the relationship:

We must be honest and loyal and must share everything.

We shall keep transparency and enjoy the freedom with understanding.

I will make sure that there is no place of misunderstanding and doubt.

We will move further with confidence.

Struggle time:

There is a time when you will go through struggle and things will not go as per plan. So then these love quotes will help you:

We must try to understand and resolve the problem. I want to see the things from your perspective and expect the same from you.

Trouble comes for little time and this time we must pass in the exam.

Lets not think about break-up. Even this time is to make it better and better.

Peak time: In this time, the waves of love go high. World looks so green and things like heaven.

You and me, the world is completed. You luck I am to have you in my universe.

I can do anything for you. You are the person who always who always sizzle my heart.

I live heaven here with you.

You make me crazy and blow my mind.

You keep things inside

I noticed that I express whatever I feel whether it is good or bad. I never keep anything hidden or unexpressed. But many times, I noticed that you keep the things inside. You do not say it but in the bottom of your heart, you stay alone and develop grudges. So please my love, we are one soul and two bodies. Say whatever you feel and I assure you that I will never mind anything. I will try to understand and improve myself. We are going to spend whole life with one another so lets keep the things transparent.

Love Season

The arrival of love season, the meeting of two souls, the feelings of hearts and crazes of their happiness has a different meaning for couples. After a long time, they meet and express how much fall in for one another.

18 Unconventional Love Quotes to Express in Depth

This post is dedicated to those couples who care for each others so much but somehow incapable of expressing it. Here you can find different, unconventional quotes of love to tell the world what you are going through. The perfect platform to share your emotions impressively.

1. When I open my eyes, I wish that your existence just in the front of me. I can do anything to make this dream come true.
Here, he/she is expressing that her/his presence is only wish they want to come true. Being near to each other is like heaven, nothing values more than this dream.

2. Can I serve you morning coffee with the sweetness of my love?
They can sacrifice anything on the earth Just to Serve their favorite thing. This feeling can easily be seen in above quote. Looking their morning face, that sweet dazzling voice and having cup of coffee together – Ah! What a perfect scene.

3. When someone says wrong about you, there is a fire burns inside me, feel like muting them forever.
The understanding between us is so strong that I can easily know why you do anything. So whenever anyone oppose you, I just can not be agree at all. For me, you are perfect and right! I am so close to you that I can listen every beat of your heart.

4. You say why you keep waiting for me on road? I answer that I like doing that. It makes me more exited to see you. I can not stop myself to reach on place before time. You make my heart beat faster.
You must find it silly! I agree, any sensible person will feel the same. But when you like someone, there is always a craze and curiosity in waiting for her. You walk here and there, keep guessing and when finally she arrives – your heart beat increases and just a smile of her makes you day!

5. I am repenting why I didn’t fight for you, why I couldn’t be able to make you understand that our happiness lies in our nearness. Why?
Sometimes in a relationship, mind goes wrong. Another person may be brain washed or confused! The same situation has been mentioned above. Although the boy is thinking that in his girl’s happiness, there must be something good for both of them but after sometime, when he realizes that why he didn’t struggle more! Why he made his mind to go for sacrifice? He should not have given up so easily! But time, once its gone, can never regained! Anyways, if you both still love each another, life must be holding something good for you!

6. The way you pronounce my name – make me feel special.
When her lips, her eyes and her tongue together call me – I feel like I am very unique, so lucky and privileged. Does it happen with everyone who goes through the way of this street?

7. I imagine you everywhere but do not find you anywhere.
Yes, imaginations always consist of your presence. IN them, What I do is – Go to luxury places with you, make you laugh, amaze you and keep on proving how much I love you!

8. One magic moment spent with you can make my entire life worthy.

9. I want to express myself once again, and that would be ultimate day for me.

10. Can you come to me, right away while leaving everything behind.

11. Still remember, how silly we were. I am not changed yet.

12. Nothing can fill the gap of your absence.

13. When we meet, I hope the time shall stop for forever.

14. Simple formula of relationship – why people do not understand. We can not stay away from one another.

15. May all people get their partner with them for this life.

16. If both of us are determined, no one can separate us.

17. Believe in me, I will not let you down.

18. One thing is for sure – Our memories.

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I love the feeling when you finally turn off your light and get in bed, hug and express yourself..

Anonymous 347

“Do you know that when I am not with you, I think of so many things to say to you, but when I have a chance to express, I go speechless”