Anonymous 735

Trust is what you put into it. Love is what you create when u feel that trust has built a home around the heart.

Anonymous 726

You make me crazy, smile, laugh, inspired, impressed, happy. I will always be with you to support you. You really make me feel like I am in heaven.

Karen Northcutt

You hold the key to all I feel
all in your two loving hands
breathe with me
your are all that is real to me
you hold the key to all i feel
all in your two loving eyes
you see whats inside of me
my desires that I cannot hide
you are the key to everything
loving feeling touching healing
the other half of me… love you
you hold the key to it all.. of me
you are my muse…my life… my love!

I Love it

I love it when in the middle of our kisses I can feel you smiling. Be with me forever.

Anonymous 650

What a great moments when they hug you from behind and kiss you on the cheek and make you feel so special.