I Feel so special When..

“My eyes feels so relax when you look into them. My name cheers when you pronounce it. My heart starts beating so fast when you hug me. I feel so special when you touch me. My life has become so beautiful because you are inseparable part of it. You are the only person I need in my life.”

Here, a lover describes how he/she feels when they’re together. How his/her life has changed significantly after love. In-fact, they are the world for each others. They don’t need anyone because their love is quite enough to make them happy and satisfy. And if you ever fall in love, you better understand this.

Love feels like

“Love is the color of an apple.
It smells like steaming hot chocolate!
Love looks like a rosy red heart.
It tastes like your favorite ice cream!!
It sounds like the ocean
washing up against your feet.
Love feels like when I give my mom and dad a kiss goodnight!”

I need someone

“I need someone who gonna tell his mother my girl has beautiful eyes, someone who sends love quotes because he doesn’t know any other way to tell me how he feels. I need someone who is more goofy than romantic, but knows the right things to say at the right times. Someone who apologizes for calling me too much, and no matter how many times I tell him its fine, he’d still do it”

Groucho Marx

“Marry me and I’ll never look at another horse!”

“She got her looks from her father. He’s a plastic surgeon”

“I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception”

“A man’s only as old as the woman he feels”

“I remember the first time I had sex – I kept the receipt”

“Send two dozen roses to Room 424 and put `Emily, I love you’ on the back of the bill”

“I’ve been looking for a girl like you – not you, but a girl like you”

“A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke”

“Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife”

“I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury”

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read”

“There’s one way to find out if a man is honest – ask him. If he says, “Yes,” you know he is a crook”

Anonymous 840

My longing, my wish and my needs, are all about you..
I wish you could know, how it feels when I miss you..

Anonymous 763

When she asks you to listen a song, it is because the lyrics are all the words she feels shy to say.

Anonymous 660

It feels bad for people that have never felt that intense feeling when you make love to someone you truly care about.

Thomas A. Kempis

“Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength, and pleads no excuse of impossibility”