Anonymous 620

I love you and like you more than you can imagine ever. I love you with all that I am. I love you with all of my heart, and until forever, ever since the start.

Kristen Kappel

Love is something you can’t describe, like the look of a rose, the smell of the rain, or the feeling of forever.

Anonymous 601

I just love when you you hold me tight and give me a long hug. It is best time of the day and I wish it to be paused for forever.

Anonymous 599

When I have no words left but only tears, all I need is from you to hold me tight in your strong arms for forever.

Anonymous 516

Want to keep your love happy and forever with you? Respect her, care for her, love her, text her first, make sure she knows how you feel about her, and most important – NEVER lie.

Anonymous 461

Real love is between two people who would die for each such as family or spouses, not your boyfriend of one week.