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I want that my beloved to be my best friend, laugh at my quirky ways, support my ideas, suggest me, hold e tight, hug and kiss me like nothing else matters for him/her.

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It is possible to love after friendship.. but friendship is NOT possible after love. How can I be friends with someone I have so much love for?

C.S. Lewis

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:
What! You too? I thought I was the only one”

“Why love if losing hurts so much? We love to know that we are not alone”

“No doubt those who really founded modern science were usually those whose love of truth exceeded their love of power”

“Though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not”

Dave Matthews Band

A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other… Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever

Touching Love Friendship Quotes 3

A life without you gonna be like Facebook without friends“A life without you gonna be like Facebook without friends, Youtube without videos, twitter without tweets and Google with no results.”

A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.
– Fr. Jerome Cummings

Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief.– Swedish proverb Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure.
– Jewish Saying

“I love my eyes when you look into them. I love my name when you say it. I love my heart when you touch it. I love my life when you are in it”

Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.
– Cindy Lew

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
– Walter Winchell

One who looks for a friend without faults will have none.
– Hasidic Saying

Plant a seed of friendship; reap a bouquet of happiness. — Lois L. Kaufman

Friends are needed both for joy and for sorrow.
– Samuel Paterson

Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.
– John Evelyn