Jarod Kintz

“This morning my girlfriend was so loud in bed that we woke up the neighbors. So I told them to roll over and go back to sleep”
– It Occurred to Me

Only You – Movie

“Faith Corvatch: I was born to kiss you”

“Faith Corvatch: Sweet of her, wasn’t it?
Kate Corvatch: If I had a dress like that, I’d give it away too”

“Faith Corvatch: How could you do this to me?
Peter: Because I’m in love with you!
Faith Corvatch: Ha! What kind of an excuse is that?”

Only You is a 1994 American romantic comedy film directed by Norman Jewison and starring Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., and Bonnie Hunt. Written by Diane Drake, the film is about a young woman whose search for the man she believes to be her soulmate leads her to Italy where she meets her destiny.[2] The Hindi film Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya is loosely based on this film. (source – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Only_You__film_(1994_film))

Anonymous 986

When she says ‘It’s okay’, ‘I’m fine’, or ‘Don’t worry about it’. Understand that It’s not okay, she’s not fine and you should really worry about it.

Philippa Gregory

He promised her that he would give her everything, everything she wanted, as men in love always do. And she trusted him despite herself, as women in love always do.