The value

The value of Quotes about love can be understood from those who are going through the feeling of it. This is like an ocean; you cannot measure how deep it is until you do not dive into it. Two souls with no past relation, come into the connection of one another, start liking, sense care and natural bonding and then flow in its direction. They develop very strong intimacy and take oath of staying together for forever. Social, cultural, language and traditional differences do not matter for them. They are born to love, adore, pamper each other. They just feel the unlimited love for each others and know that they cannot live separate. There happiness and satisfactions are together and they willing to do anything to achieve it.

Many people feel helpless in expressing their feelings, but no worries because here our love quotes come into existence. They give power to them in exploring their emotions. Millions of quotations are there to choose from. The does the same for the couples. Here, we write the best possible words for them and happy to be their partner in their story.

So here, we have categorized as we get into a relationship:

For Starting Stage:

I feel like telling you how important you are to me. You are the person who has stolen my heart. I cannot sleep well, I cannot study well, I cannot work well because I am well only when I am with you.

My mind never stops thinking about you.

I dress well to grab you attention, I keep searching for the things you like, I wanna make you smile.

I wish someday I will be able to tell you that how mad I am for you.

After confirmation:

When you both confirmed to each other and given consent to the relationship:

We must be honest and loyal and must share everything.

We shall keep transparency and enjoy the freedom with understanding.

I will make sure that there is no place of misunderstanding and doubt.

We will move further with confidence.

Struggle time:

There is a time when you will go through struggle and things will not go as per plan. So then these love quotes will help you:

We must try to understand and resolve the problem. I want to see the things from your perspective and expect the same from you.

Trouble comes for little time and this time we must pass in the exam.

Lets not think about break-up. Even this time is to make it better and better.

Peak time: In this time, the waves of love go high. World looks so green and things like heaven.

You and me, the world is completed. You luck I am to have you in my universe.

I can do anything for you. You are the person who always who always sizzle my heart.

I live heaven here with you.

You make me crazy and blow my mind.

Between you and me

There are lot of obstacles between you and me. Our society, customs, tradition and religion are different. I am sure that they will not accept you. But for this, can I afford to skip you. No way! Later or sooner, they will understand the power of love. Time will diminish these clauses and we will be happy on our decision. I am more than happy with you and my life is worth if I spend it in your arms. So lets dare and meet our target.

Are you Serious?

Are you seriously in love with me? If so – never give up on me, never think about sacrifice yourself for the sake of my happiness because later or sooner it is only you with whom I can be happy. Just be with me in y entire life.

Your smile, your style and your nearness

Today – again, your memories making me mad. How can I skip them. Your smile, your style and your nearness. I’ve learnt love from you and when it has come to highest level, you disappeared. Come back, I can not live happy without you.

The power of love is Impenetrable

“Spending my life you gives me a sense of purpose. It gives companionship with whom I can share both happy and sad times. The power of love is impenetrable, and when it truly works, it’s akin to magic”

“Your beauty takes my breath away. Your cheerful smile and long curly hair on your face enhance your sparkle. I want you to talk to me but I am not finding any reason to speak to you. I wish sometimes she could notice me.”

“Your just a simple ‘Hi’ can make my day. You give me butterflies in my belly, I really want to come near to you to see you more clearly.”

“My heart beats for you. Your words wrap around my heart and sizzle into my nerves warming my body.”

“”We can do all those extraordinary things with power of love.”

I’ve not changed

“No, I’ve not changed? But yes – I just grew up. I stopped letting people push me around, I learned that I can’t always be happy, I accepted reality and I learned to live with it”

To love is to suffer

“To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy then is to suffer. But suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness. I hope you’re getting this down”

But our relationship is still the best thing

“Sure we fight and get sad sometimes but our relationship is still the best thing ever happened in my whole life. I am happy because of you and despite of our arguments, I’d only be unhappy if we weren’t together”