The key to your heart

“The key to your heart lies on the ground. The key to your heart has now been found. I lock up your love with the heart of my own, I’ll guard it forever with the love I have shown.”

I’d look so good on you

“People say that we look like best pair – I’ll never prove them wrong”

“It is true that good look attracts, but it doesn’t assure they are good for you. Good and faithful heart is more important”

“Yes I admit that I had some affairs before I met you but I don’t let my past interfere in my present. If you’ve any question, you can ask me now. And promise me we are not going to discuss on this hereafter. I’d be loyal to you, You can trust me and I expect same from your side”

“You always make me smile even when you’re not around”

“Wanna dig your back with my nails”

“When it comes to you – I have no backup. You’re my first, last and only choice. I am so happy with you”

“You know the magic because you make me laugh when I don’t even feel like talking”

“Waiting for that big day when we’d officially become one”

46 Most Romantic Love Lines & Quotes

‘Everyone can use these 46 most romantic love quotes & lines to impress them. I’m sure you’d also like to practice them.’


0.) I had to take a lift from you on that rainy day – And I’ve realized that you’re so gentle and well behaved. You know how respect a girl. My love for you in increasing every second.

1.) I need a place to blot my lipstick. Can I use your lips?

2.) I’m easy, but it looks like you are hard.

3.) Dancing is just a conversation between two people. Talk to me.

4.) I never thought I’d ever get to say this to a woman, but I want to father your babies. What do you think of marriage?

5.) I am not a queen but I’ll give you something royal.
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Tender words of sacred love

Whisper softly, my beloved
Tender words of sacred love,
I have loved you with a passion
Given all my heart could hold
And I will love you for a lifetime
Though the way is hard and bleak;

Pursue those

“There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but very few things will catch your heart. Pursue those”

Come to me and love me back.

Mind: He will not care for you.
Heart: But I love him.
Mind: Your wait is waste of time.
Heart: I’m still hoping that he’ll come to me and love me back.

Loving with Soul

“I do not love you with my heart but with my Soul,
Because one day my heart will stop to beat,
But my soul will burn always for you”