Leaves you in pain

“Love is like poison..
It goes through your veins..
Shoots through your heart..
Messes up your brain..
And leaves you in pain!”

I want to be inside you

“I want to be inside you
To be as deep within as you are inside me

I want to be the woman of your dreams
To be as you are what I have been searching for

I want to be the one who kisses your lips
To be able to taste your sweetness

I want to be in your arms
To be the one who melts your heart

I want to be your pillow
To be there whenever you need someone to lean on

I want to be with the love of my life
To be loving you and holding you

I want to be with you
To be as we are meant to be

I want to be yours
As you to be mine..”

Best Looking

“May be.. he is not best looking or may be.. he’s not the smartest guy, he can be a jerk sometimes, but for some reasons, I just don’t care. He’s different. I love him from thee bottom of my heart”

True Beauty

“True beauty, that does not fade with time, is in a their heart, Identify it and care for it”

Love feels like

“Love is the color of an apple.
It smells like steaming hot chocolate!
Love looks like a rosy red heart.
It tastes like your favorite ice cream!!
It sounds like the ocean
washing up against your feet.
Love feels like when I give my mom and dad a kiss goodnight!”

Broken Heart

Even if your heart is broken, you have to move on. If you don’t, you won’t realize how many other people there are to fall in love with.

From Heart

“I believe in reaching out and touching from the heart,
I believe that if we touch, a gift we can impart”

What You Feel

“Beauty isn’t just that what you see with your eyes, it’s what you feel in your heart when you’re near that person”