Feel after fight

Ofcourse there is a fight with the person you love most but the feel after you fight is different. You both again hug each others and love with more feelings. You empty your heart and say all your grudges. Remember not to pull fight long. Always patch up fast even you need to say sorry. Love is pricesless.

Sometimes life gives you lovely surprises

You never know when you gonna get the best out of life. Sometimes love/likeness happens on first sight even when you don’t even expect it. Sometimes you meet a stranger and in next few moments, she/he comes so close to you that your lost feelings start awakening and you express your love, feelings and care you always dream for. This kind of bonding is rare and happens once in a life and for some hours, you experience the best time of your life. It gives us amazing feeling of satisfaction when we get the same in return we give.

So with her, when you:
See – Your heart beats fast.
Dance – You are on the top of the world
Kiss – close eyes and feel it.
Hug – You feel the world in your arm
Hold her hand – You feel so much cared
On Drive – Her head on your shoulder, you feel so good and dream like she sleep in your arms and you keep looking at her.

I can share the good thing about that person is:

She is still with you even after knowing your present/past.
She understand and feel your pain. She has the power to make you happy with her smile.
She spares time to hear you.

It clearly means that she is so strong and has owner of very clean and kind heart because that beautiful person has accepted you as a friend even getting hurt from you. She has forgiven you and wish good life for you.

Why it happens that the person you need in life meets you in the last. Well, this thing can be know by God only. What you can do is keep walking and experience the new phrase of life with her.

To be continued…..

Someone to look at me

Sometimes, when I say I am okay.. I want someone to look at me in the eyes, hug me tight and say “I know you are not”.

look at me

This is the reaction of me, when you ask me why I am looking so sad. But I want you to read my face, look into my eyes and understand what why I am in bad mood. The real lover forecast the problem instantly and gives the desired care and attention on that time. And that is what called real love.

No matters

“I’ll always be there for you, No matters who you date, speak or hug. My love for you has unconditional”

Just Can’t Wait

“I really miss you and just can’t wait to be in your’s arms again.”

Just can't wait to be in your arms

Here is a live example of what happens with lovers when they apart. The level of missing each others goes so high that they do crazy things to meet. All they need is just a hug and touch of one another. Their heart always beat together.

Whenever You are not Feeling well

Whenever You are not feeling well without any reason..
Just go and Hug the special one in Your Life,
Because Sometimes you Don’t need Medicines,
You just Need the Magical Touch..!!

Addicted of you love

“Yes, I am fed up acting that I hate you. Now I admit that I love you, I like you the way you are. I am addicted of your love, I can’t resist you. I surrender. Can you come and hug me now?”