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What a great moments when they hug you from behind and kiss you on the cheek and make you feel so special.

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I love it when touching turns into grabbing. Soft lips into passionate tongues, silence and your heartbeat getting faster and faster

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Protect me, love me, kiss me, hold me, smile with me, laugh with me. But don’t make me fall if you don’t plan on catching me.

Romantic Love Quotes Page 1

“Put your lips close to mine, as long as they don’t touch. Out of focus eye to ye, until the gravity’s too much.”

your lips

“I’d like to be everything you want.”

“You’re always so cute and lovable. I always get excited when I see you. You are the zest for my life. I can not stop loving you.”

“Curiously waiting for the day when we only need to say goodnight to one another – not that bye and take care.”

“Kisses that start at your neck and go to your stomach.”

“Thankful to our common friend who introduced you to me. That was the first time I met an angel on this earth and fell in love.”

“When it come to finding a life partner – I can’t think of anyone else except you.”

“You fit me better than my favorite outfit while kissing me in the pouring rain.”

“You’re the experienced player in the field of romance as you know what to do to make them desperately fall for you.”

“Best moments – Me and you watching a movie putting hands in hands, cuddling, long deep look into each other’s eyes, having my face on your shoulders, imagining both of us in those romantic scenes. Wow, I love that.”

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“I can not see you in tension so I have decided to be quit of all those bad things which irritate you. From now onwards, you are my only addiction and so never ask me leave you. I love you like crazy.”

“Your eyes are so red. Didn’t you sleep last light? I couldn’t close my eyes because they were looking at your cute innocent face while you were sleeping.”

“Her lips on his could tell him better than all her stumbling words.”

“That feeling of lover’s breath on your lips right before you kiss.”

“You really have plenty of romantic things happen when you are with the right person.”

“He Kisses me gently before we rip.”

Her lips on his could tell him better than all her stumbling words

“I believe in romance, chivalry, respect and making her feel special.”

“Sensations pulsed into his fingertips as he sensually navigates them over mine body.”

“Kiss on the neck means I want you now.”

“Skin on skin.”

“Hold me tight against you so that I could feel your heart beat.”

“Rather than whispering sweet words to your lover, touch them instead.”

“Wherever you are, you are forever on my mind. Wherever you are, know that our love will never die.”

“I love you and I need you today, tomorrow, next month, and for the rest of my life.”

“I want you to just grab me by the hips and kiss my damn lips.”

“My tree of love just keeps growing.”

“The moment when your lover tastes your tongue with his/her.”

“I feel so impatience when not with you.”

“Absently running your fingers through my hair.”

“Serving my favorite food wearing two piece.”

“Starving for that passionate love.”

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Romantic Love Quotes: Page 2

A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.
– Anonymous

Count your age with friends but not with years.
– Anonymous

“Caring and charming heart full of bliss. Angel eyes that embrace me.Delicious lips I want to kiss.”

Caring and charming heart full of bliss

“What are you waiting for – Come-on, Kiss me stupid.”

“Her beauty is unique. Her attractiveness increases my desires. I want to spend every second of life with her.”

“You’ve gave me endless thoughts, unforgettable memories and pure unconditional love.”

“Jealous type is better because you know she cares.”

“Caring and charming heart, full of bliss. Angel eyes that embrace me delicious lips. I want to kiss.”

“It feels like we are arguing more and it’s getting less romantic.”

“You always come to drop me til my doorstep. It shows how much you care for me.”

“Every love story faces lots of hurdles, but what makes it perfect is if you still want to be together when everyone opposes you.”

“If things are going well, don’t give up. They are checking your integrity, faith and patience. Keep going and you’ll get what you dream for.”

“I am dying to see your romantic side.”

“You often meet lots of people in your day to day life but none of them reaches to your heart. And then the right time comes and you meet one special person, and your life changes forever.”

“To be honest, I am over-possessive about you. I really want to know whom you meet and text. I trust you but still little things keep on bothering me. Please never hide anything from me.”

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Robert Herrick

Give me a kiss,
Add to that kiss a score;
Then to that twenty,
Add a hundred more:
A thousand to that hundred:
So kiss on,
To make that thousand up a million.
Triple that million,
And when that is done,
Let’s kiss afresh,
As when we first begun.