Don’t frown

“Don’t frown, because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile!”

Let you know

“I have fallen in love with you,
And I’ll never let you go,
I love you more then anyone,
I just had to let you know”

I know you

“I know you ignoring me, because my voice awakes your feelings, my laugh makes you remember our good time and my eyes tell you how much you still love me”

Why are you trying to hurt me?

“Dan Gallagher: Why are you trying to hurt me?
Alex Forrest: I’m not trying to hurt you Dan, I love you!
Dan Gallagher: You what?
Alex Forrest: I love you!
Dan Gallagher: You don’t even know me
Alex Forrest: How can you say that?”
– Fatal Attraction

Cate Tiernan,

I-just want you. I want you so bad, all the time. I know I shouldn’t,I know I can’t, I know it’s wrong… but even when you’re pissing me off, when you’re reminding me of pain and despair and torture–it’s there, the wanting.I’m tired of fighting it. I fight so many things, all the time, every day. I don’t want to fight this. Not anymore.