Love is what we make it

Love is something which must express and what we make it. We always have all the options. We can celebrate this cutest feeling or we can keep it inside but we must let it flow. Enjoy, say everything you are going through and make it be chapter of your life.

Distances, Feelings and Love

If distances make the feeling more stronger than it is good but sometimes it works the other way round. Distance make the person habitual of facing the things without the other person and they make their mind that life can be easily lived if they control on few moments so never let your loved ones go far from you and let your love flow unconditionally.

Anonymous 542

Dear God, I just want to take few seconds, not to demand for anything again but simply to say thank you, for giving me such a true and wonderful love life.

Anonymous 181

Love is hard. Life is harder, but a life without loving you is utterly unbearable.