I Commit You

“I commit you that I will give you freedom to be yourself, I will understand everything that you do, I will be completely honest with you, I will laugh and cry with you. I will help you achieve all your goals and never stop loving you”

In the Morning – When I Kiss His Eyes

“And in the morning, when I kiss his eyes
He takes me down and rocks me slow
And in the evening, when the moon is high
He holds me close and won’t let go
He won’t let go..

He fills me up, he gives me love
More love than I’ve ever seen
He’s all I’ve got, he’s all I’ve got in this world
But he’s all the man that I need”

When you are drunk

“You are too good sometimes and too bad sometimes. I want you to be constant in loving me. I want you to love me as much as you do when you are drunk. Will you?”

When you are with me

“I feel so good when you’re with me, everything looks so perfect, nothing seems there to worry about… And it makes you the much more worth it”

I Live for You

“Lives are for living I live for you, Dreams are for dreaming I dream for you, Hearts are for beating mine beats for you, Angels are for keeping. Can I keep you?”

Never Really Felt

“I’ve never really felt this way about a guy before,
You’ve truly touched me deep inside, you’ve opened, unlocked, the door”

Asking For

“I am not asking for diamonds,
I am not asking for world,
I am just asking for holding me,
And calling me your baby girl!”

Anonymous 1036

“Dear brain, will you stop thinking about him so much and let me sleep so I could dream?”