Distances, Feelings and Love

If distances make the feeling more stronger than it is good but sometimes it works the other way round. Distance make the person habitual of facing the things without the other person and they make their mind that life can be easily lived if they control on few moments so never let your loved ones go far from you and let your love flow unconditionally.

She will repent

If your love is true, if you have pure heart and if you care a lot for her – believe me if she loses you – she will repent because you have made the standard so high that one can meet that standard. The way you loved her, the way you cared for her – no one else can do that. Your true feelings will always stay alive. True love never dies so you will always be a winner.

The day without you

The day without you is like a day without smile, a day without opening eyes. I feel so alone without you. There is nothing special about that time which I spend without you. Loving you is the best thing of day to day activity. Please, always be there for me.

Happy Love Quotes Page 2

“You can never forget your first love. Even if you are moved on and happy, or even fall in love with someone else. First love is always stay in your heart and mind”

“First you learn to be happy with yourself, than find someone to fall in love with”

“Yes – I admit that I love you but I am not going to wait for you forever, so if you want me in your life, tell me before I give up on you and move on”
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At night

“What you have done with me.
At night – I can not sleep..
In the morning – I can not wake up
Seriously – I can’t stop thinking abut you
I think I’m in Love with you”

“The best things always happen late at night”

“I get cold at night when you’re not here to keep me warm”

“It all comes down to the last person you think of at night. That’s where your heart is”
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Come and hold my hand

“Just like the heart without the heart beats,
Just like the body without soul,
Just like the night without stars and moon,
Just like a ship with a hole,

Without you I’m like..

A fairytale with no prince,
A night without the North Star,
A sky without clouds,
A beach without sand,
And rain with no place to go..

Come and hold my hand my beloved,
as I am dying to meet you and love you”

Moments in life

“There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real”

My Love- You everywhere

My Love- You everywhere – In my thoughts, my prayers, my mind, and my dreams, but the only place your not in is in my life.