I am in heaven

“When we are together – My whole world seems to be with me. That time I need nothing else, I hope nothing else. Just holding your hands in mine is like I am in heaven”

I Need You

“I love you and I need you all my life,
Without you I will not be able to survive.
Be mine forever and stay by my side,
You have always been my best guide”

Search of someone

“I am in a search of someone, where all we would need is each-other… and that would be enough for lifetime”

Such a Special Part

“You’re such a special part of me as loving and caring as you can be,
You’re everything that matters in my life, you’re all I ever need”

Untill My Heart

“I need you, I want you, You are my life and I will never stop waiting for you until my heart stops beating”

Letting Go

“Sometimes you just need to make your mind to let go of certain people to make room for something better to come into your life”

I Really Need

“I just don’t always need your advice but sometimes all I really need is your hand to hold, your an ear to listen, and your heart to understand me”