Love and Wonder

Sometime love and winder happen together. You wonder what you love and when it comes to you, you become so much crazy and don’t believe. But make sure what you have got, never go far and care it with all your heart. Enjoy love, feelings and take good care because pain of broken heart is […]

Worst Pain

“The worst pain is when you come to know that your life is being spoiled by the one you trust the most and you can’t do anything except standing quiet and asking yourself that is it the gift of trusting someone or is it what I deserve?…!!!”

Angel Joy

“Why can’t I speak when I have so much to tell? Why can’t I write when I have so much in mind? Why can’t I sing when there’s music in my heart? Why can’t I dance when there’s rythm in the air? Too many words left unspoken Too many things left undone Why can’t it […]

Bob Marley

“I want to give you some love, I want to give you some good good lovin’” “Overcome the demons with a thing called love” “We should really love each other in peace and harmony, instead we’re fussin’ n fighting like we ain’t supposed to be” “Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the […]

Gena Showalter

“I love who you are, yesterday, now, tomorrow, always” – Twice as Hot “Do you think it takes true pain to experience true pleasure?” – Oh My Goth “Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say on a Date 1. You’re wearing that? 2. Something smells funny 3. Where’s the Tylenol? 4. And to think, I first wanted […]