She will repent

If your love is true, if you have pure heart and if you care a lot for her – believe me if she loses you – she will repent because you have made the standard so high that one can meet that standard. The way you loved her, the way you cared for her – no one else can do that. Your true feelings will always stay alive. True love never dies so you will always be a winner.

Get up and Say

“Chances are there that after 10 years from now, you will going to repent for not proposing her. So best task you can do now is to get up and say ‘Yes – You Love’. Don’t think about consequences. It may be possible that you might receive positive response”

“I miss those winter nights where you used to make food for me to serve me with your soft hands.”

Never ever let her quit

“Never ever let her quit because if you love her than there is no one in this entire universe who can do it better than you, don’t let her repent in future”