I am in heaven

“When we are together – My whole world seems to be with me. That time I need nothing else, I hope nothing else. Just holding your hands in mine is like I am in heaven”

Feel Proud of Being My Girl

“Your love motivates me to do my best so that I could reach at the top of the world and could buy all the luxuries to keep my angel smiling. I want you to feel proud of being my girl”

Time flies like

“Time flies like an aeroplane when I am with you and it walks like tortoise without you. Come to me for forever”

Girl of my dreams

“You are the girl of my dreams,you are the one I can die for,
You are the angel of my life, Your heart is always gentle and pure,
Your spirit is strong and You are my everything”

I need someone

“I need someone who gonna tell his mother my girl has beautiful eyes, someone who sends love quotes because he doesn’t know any other way to tell me how he feels. I need someone who is more goofy than romantic, but knows the right things to say at the right times. Someone who apologizes for calling me too much, and no matter how many times I tell him its fine, he’d still do it”

You’re Beauty

“I’ve never felt your lips or held you tight,
But I know I love you Not because of the way you look
Or because of that sexy voice, Not because of the things you say
But because of whom you are, When we meet I will kiss you
And hold you all night, I love everything about you
Because it’s you, You’re Beauty”

One You Love

“There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love”

Emil Ludwig

“The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender”

You are Mine

“You are my baby, my heart, headache, my love, my life, my smile, my frown, my wrong, my right, my pain, my happiness, my everything. You are just MINE”