Single or In Love

Are you Single and want to fall in love – you can but make sure you don’t follow the crowd. In starting we just want to get mingle with anyone, don’t think of any understanding or any bonding. But pleas take care – falling for any person can make your life painful because if in few months, when reality comes, you may not able to face and find life very difficult.

If you’re single

“If you’re single: 1. You’re either talking to someone 2. Stuck on an ex 3. Chasing someone who’s taken 4. Ignoring someone who wants you.”

This quote emphasizes that you cannot be single if you open the door of your heart. Thinking of ex, trying to relate you with someone who is engaged or ignoring that innocent person who loves you are the major reasons of loneliness! Nice and practical words of life! You are young, beautiful but single. Then, for sure, you must be going through above described situations. Change yourself, let the feelings of love grow and see the magic.

Single among a room full of couples

“I miss him in so many ways, but right now I miss him in the way you always miss someone when you’re single among a room full of couples”

By Emily Giffin in Baby Proof

I am single

“Yes, I am Single and It doesn’t mean I am lonely. It means I am preparing for the arrival of a BETTER love”

Movie – Love and Sex

“Kate: Love is a minefield, you take a step and get blown to pieces, put yourself back together again and stupidly take another step. I guess thats human nature, it hurts so much to be alone that we’d all rather blow-up than be single”

“Adam Levy: We haven’t had sex in awhile
Kate: Hm?
Adam Levy: We haven’t had sex in like 3 weeks
Kate: Mmmhm
Adam Levy: You’re not even listening to me
Kate: …no, I wasn’t
Adam Levy: I said we haven’t had sex in like 3 weeks
Kate: Well, maybe its because you clip your toenails in our bed”

“Kate: Love is ecstacy and agony. Freedom and imprisonment. Belonging and loneliness. It is what keeps us together when life tears us apart. So, when you find that perfect man hold on tight and call me, so I can run over there and see what he looks like and laugh… Because he does not exist you sad perky little optimistic suckers”

Love & Sex is a 2000 film written and directed by Valerie Breiman. A comedy-drama, it stars Famke Janssen and Jon Favreau.


“Nothing in the world is single;
All things by a law divine
In one spirit meet and mingle.
Why not I with thine?”

Anonymous 668

When you are single, It is not the time to look for someone to love, rather use that time to work on yourself to be better perfect as an individual. You will get your way.