Under One Sky

It took me long time and countless efforts to bring you under my sky. I knew that you have strong feelings for me but you hide them. I wanted you to admit it that I am very special for like you are to me. But believe me, that this hard work is worthy. I am glad to enjoy the fruit of my labour. You are with me, showing me your deepest love and expressing that how much you care for me. It is like I am in heaven and world’s most beautiful person is with me. I am the king of the world and you are my princess. Now we live our life with each others. Thank you all this.

One Day We Will Meet

I am sure that I will get the fruit of my patience, my integrity, my love for you. One day I will have you in my life and that day is going to be the ultimate day of my life. I will hold you with both of my hands and never let you go. I will give you all luxuries of the world. You will realize that how special you are for me. I love you with inner soul of my heart!

Celebrate the day

Dear Kid! You’re special. Your capabilities are endless. God has given you special powers. Never feel unsecured. We all are with you in your progress/ups-downs of life. Celebrate the day and enjoy the life. Our wishes in your success!

You’re so lucky if you are special to someone

“You’re so lucky if you are special to someone. Someone who loves you a lot. They respect your feelings. Care about you and take your beauty as a bonus. They believe that you are the most amazing thing that ever happened to them. Take good care of them and give them lots of love and importance. They are going to make you happiest person alive. Be worth of it.”

So Lucky

The Moments of Love

“It feels like a dream. I really can’t believe it is happening to me.
People wait a lifetime for the moments of love and romance we are having. People search forever for a moment of one special kiss”

Such a Special Part

“You’re such a special part of me as loving and caring as you can be,
You’re everything that matters in my life, you’re all I ever need”

That Special Someone

“The worst thing you can do for love is deny it; so when you find that special someone, don’t let anyone or anything to get in your way”