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Beautiful Love Quotes

“Do you love me because I am beautiful or am I beautiful because you love me?”

“She walks in beauty, Like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright, Meet in her aspect and her eyes”

“Whenever your past calls, miss that call because it has nothing new to say worthy”

“Love with trust”

“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it..
For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it..
For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it”

“Finding real and true love is toughest job ever, so be calm and patient and make sure that once you find it, don’t let go”

“It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart”

It is true that the someone you need the most, is someone you’re best without”

“When you really care about them, their happiness matters more than yours own”

“Best thing in love life is to be true to yourself! Some people will like it, some people won’t. It goes on”

“I’m going to gift a chocolates, some red roses and a life size teddy bear for my sweet heart”

“A jealous one is faithful one”

“I just love your dimples”

Love each other with heart and never take it for granted so that they could never think of anyone else ever”

Destiny and Love

Destiny and Love are two separate things. It means you cannot stop your self to fall in love with somebody. You can love her/him, you can go on date and express your deepest care but destiny is something which decides whether you are going to live long together. Hope this is clear.

Love you all

Love is what we make it

Love is something which must express and what we make it. We always have all the options. We can celebrate this cutest feeling or we can keep it inside but we must let it flow. Enjoy, say everything you are going through and make it be chapter of your life.

Loyal to Love

Being faithful in love is something which is something you cannot say by words. It comes into sight when you go through tough time or the time when it is not easy to remain loyal but you still controll and listen to your inner sense and stay faithful. A big salute to those loyal love birds and for sure they will stay with one another for forever.

Love Quotes, Faithful love, Love
I am Faithful to my Love

Let the pure feelings of Love to flow

Let the pure feeling of love flow. Forget all grudges and forgive all mistakes. True love never stops. Express it at its best. Let your partner know how deep your love is. You cannot be compared , you are priceless. Believe it and enjoy the Life.

Love Quotes - Express It
I Love You

I Left You

I left you and it is good for both of us. We know this fact and we had very good time with one another. It is enough for this birth. Lets keep our finger crossed for next time..
Take care and remember me.

A day to Create milestones

Today is a special day to create new milestones. Your birthday is a very special occasion to let the world know how creative you are. Good luck for bright future and wonderful life.

Single or In Love

Are you Single and want to fall in love – you can but make sure you don’t follow the crowd. In starting we just want to get mingle with anyone, don’t think of any understanding or any bonding. But pleas take care – falling for any person can make your life painful because if in few months, when reality comes, you may not able to face and find life very difficult.

For me, you are the best

I am in love and for me, you are the best. I can stay long time with you in opposite situation. You are the one, who makes me comfortable. Thank you for being with me.

Finding It

Finding the true love is challenge – May be sometime you have infatuation but seriously if you got to know true love, you will definitely gonna be one of the luckiest person on this universe. Live it.

Feel after fight

Ofcourse there is a fight with the person you love most but the feel after you fight is different. You both again hug each others and love with more feelings. You empty your heart and say all your grudges. Remember not to pull fight long. Always patch up fast even you need to say sorry. Love is pricesless.

She will repent

If your love is true, if you have pure heart and if you care a lot for her – believe me if she loses you – she will repent because you have made the standard so high that one can meet that standard. The way you loved her, the way you cared for her – no one else can do that. Your true feelings will always stay alive. True love never dies so you will always be a winner.

Love and Wonder

Sometime love and winder happen together. You wonder what you love and when it comes to you, you become so much crazy and don’t believe. But make sure what you have got, never go far and care it with all your heart. Enjoy love, feelings and take good care because pain of broken heart is very terrible.

Sometimes life gives you lovely surprises

You never know when you gonna get the best out of life. Sometimes love/likeness happens on first sight even when you don’t even expect it. Sometimes you meet a stranger and in next few moments, she/he comes so close to you that your lost feelings start awakening and you express your love, feelings and care you always dream for. This kind of bonding is rare and happens once in a life and for some hours, you experience the best time of your life. It gives us amazing feeling of satisfaction when we get the same in return we give.

So with her, when you:
See – Your heart beats fast.
Dance – You are on the top of the world
Kiss – close eyes and feel it.
Hug – You feel the world in your arm
Hold her hand – You feel so much cared
On Drive – Her head on your shoulder, you feel so good and dream like she sleep in your arms and you keep looking at her.

I can share the good thing about that person is:

She is still with you even after knowing your present/past.
She understand and feel your pain. She has the power to make you happy with her smile.
She spares time to hear you.

It clearly means that she is so strong and has owner of very clean and kind heart because that beautiful person has accepted you as a friend even getting hurt from you. She has forgiven you and wish good life for you.

Why it happens that the person you need in life meets you in the last. Well, this thing can be know by God only. What you can do is keep walking and experience the new phrase of life with her.

To be continued…..

Thinking about you

Hey baby, you are my dream and there is not a single moment i stay without thinking about you. You are my soul and the distance between you and me is biggest hurdle. I want you to be always close to me. Mentally you rule my mind. You are my darling and I love you like mad.

I Care for You

My love for you is pure and care for you. You are my princess and can not even think of living my life without you. I know you will be mine forever.