Getting Back to You

Aha, I am here again with you and your thoughts. Tried a lot to control my feelings but could not. They are really very strong and killing them is not possible. I am in a neutral mode, waiting for your kind response with loving voice. I hope someday, we get what we dream for.

Funny Jokes to Bring Difference in Short Time

Everybody loves smiling faces. So people who have good sense of humor always impress others. These people having huge collection of Funny Jokes to bring difference in our lives. They have lot of jokes for every situation. So if you too want to be in demand, here are some really good jokes to when you […]

What is Right

I am doing what is right! We have responsibilities. We must dismiss all old memories and focus on future. Gone is gone. We shall be honest with ourselves and accept what has happened. I wish you live your life well and I am also trying to sacrifice and go with what is right. Lets stop […]

I am trying

Although, it is very tough – but I am trying to give you sometime to realize the importance of me. I am confident that no one can match the standard I’ve made loving you. This distances will actually make you feel my importance. Take care.