Love – Love Quotes For Him, For Her

Finding It

Finding the true love is challenge – May be sometime you have infatuation but seriously if you got to know true love, you will definitely gonna be one of the luckiest person on this universe. Live it.

She will repent

If your love is true, if you have pure heart and if you care a lot for her – believe me if she loses you – she will repent because you have made the standard so high that one can meet that standard. The way you loved her, the way you cared for her – no one else can do that. Your true feelings will always stay alive. True love never dies so you will always be a winner.

Sometime when You are Away

I miss you sometimes when you are away and want that you must be with me right now. I wish you could know my feelings about you. Dreams sometimes come true and hope mine as well go live. I wanna take good care of you.
I miss you my love

Understand The value of Love with Quotes

The value of Quotes about love can be understood from those who are going through the feeling of it. This is like an ocean; you cannot measure how deep it is until you do not dive into it. Two souls with no past relation, come into the connection of one another, start liking, sense care and natural bonding and then flow in its direction. They develop very strong intimacy and take oath of staying together for forever. Social, cultural, language and traditional differences do not matter for them. They are born to love, adore, pamper each other. They just feel the unlimited love for each others and know that they cannot live separate. There happiness and satisfactions are together and they willing to do anything to achieve it.

Many people feel helpless in expressing their feelings, but no worries because here our love quotes come into existence. They give power to them in exploring their emotions. Millions of quotations are there to choose from. The does the same for the couples. Here, we write the best possible words for them and happy to be their partner in their story.

So here, we have categorized as we get into a relationship:

For Starting Stage:

I feel like telling you how important you are to me. You are the person who has stolen my heart. I cannot sleep well, I cannot study well, I cannot work well because I am well only when I am with you.

My mind never stops thinking about you.

I dress well to grab you attention, I keep searching for the things you like, I wanna make you smile.

I wish someday I will be able to tell you that how mad I am for you.

After confirmation:

When you both confirmed to each other and given consent to the relationship:

We must be honest and loyal and must share everything.

We shall keep transparency and enjoy the freedom with understanding.

I will make sure that there is no place of misunderstanding and doubt.

We will move further with confidence.

Struggle time:

There is a time when you will go through struggle and things will not go as per plan. So then these love quotes will help you:

We must try to understand and resolve the problem. I want to see the things from your perspective and expect the same from you.

Trouble comes for little time and this time we must pass in the exam.

Lets not think about break-up. Even this time is to make it better and better.

Peak time: In this time, the waves of love go high. World looks so green and things like heaven.

You and me, the world is completed. You luck I am to have you in my universe.

I can do anything for you. You are the person who always who always sizzle my heart.

I live heaven here with you.

You make me crazy and blow my mind.

Love – Meaning/Definition/Explanation in depth

Love – a feeling, a passion, a dedication, a purity, an affection, a madness, liking, a song, an element of care for another person/relation.

It is a relationship of a heart. We express it with difference actions, kiss, touch, hug. Eyes speak all about it. The body language, the tone of voice and expressions say it all.

When human being born, he/she comes in touch of parents/guardians and receive deep care and affection from them. In return, he/she also gets into the same feeling. It is very strong and can struggle with anything. It is also determine that the emotion of love is basic need of any living creature on earth. In its absence, life is vain.

It has got so many relations to express i.e:
Mother – Son/daughter
Brother – sister
Kids – family members
Husband – wife
Boy – Girl

Even its element can be found in connection between animal and human beings too. You often love your pets.

When you owe it, you are willing to do anything for their happiness.

It makes you feel like top of the world.

90% of movies are made on this subject.

Love is what teaches you a lot.

It makes you actual man of sentiments.

All about LOVE

The word love has been origin from the river of heart and developed from having great care and concern for each others. When two people have strong feelings for one another, and can not think of living apart, is called love. There is some unknown connection between these souls and they just made for each others. No matters what their languages are, what their age or religion – they just each others as it is. They always ready ready to do anything for one another’s happiness.

From the ancient time, the saga of love has begun, even before. There are countless stories on it. Kind, big emperors have made lot of wars to have their beloved in life. They made wonders in the memory of their love, ‘Taj Mahal’ is one of the big example. When the craze of love takes place, you can not live relax until you make sure she/he is with you for lifetime. 90% movies are based on this topic. 95% of songs are being written on the same subject. Huge numbers of queries have been asked on search engines on this favorite topic.

So far, you must have understood the greatness and popularity of this sweet bond. When you fall in love, you must take care that sometimes it hurts. Love at first sight is possible, but it is not always possible that another person feels the same way you feel. People often say that friendship is starting of this relationship but not always. The boundaries of friendship and its mean has lot of difference with this affair but there are always exception of every statement. The data is really big.

So if you have got clue, and in the decision making stage of your heart’s feelings, you must make sure that you receive some positive signals from another person as well. And when you both agree on it, never ever let any situation arise to change your mind. In this world, very luck people get real love and if you find it – hold it with both of your hands.

We are sure that we have given a very good insight about Love. We appreciate you reviews and comment.

Going ahead to love

“When we go ahead to love someone, we must ready to go through the feeling of missing them. This phrase always happens to check out your patience and integrity. So never lose hope at that time. Eventually she/he gonna live with you for the rest of your life but you must be determined and faithful.”

The river of feelings

Love is something which introduces us to ourselves. We are so busy in our world that don’t get time to know what we are and what our hearts need. The river of feelings starts flowing when someone make us feel how important, special and worthy we are. We start thinking about them and try to find some good reason to start conversation. Finding their hobbies, likings and than adjusting yourself accordingly, are common symptoms of it. He/she seems as important as sun for day, air for life and blood for body. It changes our life drastically. Anyone can sense that you are in love while noticing your body language and behavior.

You must take good care if you want to achieve success in your affair because one sided relationships hurt a lot. A small wrong step can spoil your life.

So whenever you start liking someone, you can go through some Love Quotations to understand depth and value of it.

“You can achieve anything in life if you truly want it and give your hundred percent to get it.”

“That special person can bring happiness and freshness for you which have never experienced before.”

“All hidden strengths and powers awake with single touch of the your lover.”

“Never give up and do marriage with whom you love because you gonna spend an important and big portion of your life with your partner. Never compromise on it. All things gonna alright with time.”

“Create a relationship so beautifully and perfectly so that when other people see it, they feel jealous but appreciate your bonding and understanding.”

“He/she is the most sweetest attractive person of the world. Can you look it from my eyes.”

So cool, yeah it is. Now try to find out that she/he also likes you or you are just living in your own world of imaginations.

So it always advisable to keep patience and go ahead step by step.

Here are some important things you should apply at first go:

1. Take care of your looks, grooming and style of dressing because first impression makes a big difference.

2. Don’t try to do crazy things like chasing them, sending them blank messages, writing on walls.

3. Never tease them in public place.

4. Don’t try to be artificial. Show your real self.

5. Never lie because one day it gonna destroy everything.

Notice these points:

  • When you say something and she seriously listens to your words.
  • Accompany you in Laughing and nods her/his head in your suggestions.
  • Try to know your every small and important details and occasions.
  • Staring at you when you are talking to your friends and smiling when you catch it.
  • Sending you blank messages.

Well, above signals are more than enough to clear you about what is happening in her/his mind. So now you must not delay in moving further to propose her. The right expressions at right time with right words can make you winner. You must understand what she likes. Some girls like something crazy, silly and daring things while others are so shy and they expect proposal in very decent and sober way. So find her type and ready to set the momentum.

And if you are a girl, you must give him some right signals to boost his confidence so that there should not be any confusion.

When I listen to love, I am listening to my true nature

“When I listen to love, I am listening to my true nature. When I express love, I am expressing my true nature. All of us love. All of us do it more and more perfectly. The past has brought us both ashes and diamonds. In the present we find the flowers of what we’ve planted and the seeds of what we are becoming. I plant the seeds of love in my heart. I plant the seeds of love in the hearts of others.”


So don’t trust too much

“Many relationships can’t work because sometimes even when you love the person, the timing is just wrong. So don’t trust too much. Don’t love too much. Don’t hope too much. Because that too much can hurt you so much.”