In True Love – They Put Efforts

In True Love – They Put Efforts

“In love everyone goes through the feelings of proud, gladness, care, concern and much more. But it is true when they show it in their deeds. They actually put efforts and take every risks just to get you in their life”

There is difference between loving someone and being loved. You’re lucky if you are blessed with both. It boosts your confidence and makes your life heaven on the earth”

“Every girl must be treated like an angel..
She deserves to be protected..
She deserves to be respected..
She deserves to be loved..
She deserves to be lived life the way she wants”

“Sometimes on the way of love, it hurts but we keep on fighting because we expect something positive can still happen. But when other person is not responding, leave it and stop running behind because it never gonna give your anything good except sadness”

“Out of my sight doesn’t mean out of my heart..
out of my reach doesn’t mean out of my mind..
I am disliked by you doesn’t mean I am not falling in love with you”

“How did you know?
What needs to be said;
What I like to be fed;
How to ease my fears;
What tells me that you care.

You paid attention;
and did I mention,
I love you for it.

How do you do it?
You make me feel safe;
You ease my pains;
You feed my pleasure;
I can’t begin to measure.

You paid attention;
and did I mention,
I love you for it.

How much I need you?
More than air I breathe;
and food I need.
More than water to drink;
my brain to think.

I pay attention;
and did I mention;
I love you for being
the man that you are”

“You are my soul-mate, my lover and my right..
You are the reason, I am leaving so happy life”