The river of feelings

The river of feelings

Love is something which introduces us to ourselves. We are so busy in our world that don’t get time to know what we are and what our hearts need. The river of feelings starts flowing when someone make us feel how important, special and worthy we are. We start thinking about them and try to find some good reason to start conversation. Finding their hobbies, likings and than adjusting yourself accordingly, are common symptoms of it. He/she seems as important as sun for day, air for life and blood for body. It changes our life drastically. Anyone can sense that you are in love while noticing your body language and behavior.

You must take good care if you want to achieve success in your affair because one sided relationships hurt a lot. A small wrong step can spoil your life.

So whenever you start liking someone, you can go through some Love Quotations to understand depth and value of it.

“You can achieve anything in life if you truly want it and give your hundred percent to get it.”

“That special person can bring happiness and freshness for you which have never experienced before.”

“All hidden strengths and powers awake with single touch of the your lover.”

“Never give up and do marriage with whom you love because you gonna spend an important and big portion of your life with your partner. Never compromise on it. All things gonna alright with time.”

“Create a relationship so beautifully and perfectly so that when other people see it, they feel jealous but appreciate your bonding and understanding.”

“He/she is the most sweetest attractive person of the world. Can you look it from my eyes.”

So cool, yeah it is. Now try to find out that she/he also likes you or you are just living in your own world of imaginations.

So it always advisable to keep patience and go ahead step by step.

Here are some important things you should apply at first go:

1. Take care of your looks, grooming and style of dressing because first impression makes a big difference.

2. Don’t try to do crazy things like chasing them, sending them blank messages, writing on walls.

3. Never tease them in public place.

4. Don’t try to be artificial. Show your real self.

5. Never lie because one day it gonna destroy everything.

Notice these points:

  • When you say something and she seriously listens to your words.
  • Accompany you in Laughing and nods her/his head in your suggestions.
  • Try to know your every small and important details and occasions.
  • Staring at you when you are talking to your friends and smiling when you catch it.
  • Sending you blank messages.

Well, above signals are more than enough to clear you about what is happening in her/his mind. So now you must not delay in moving further to propose her. The right expressions at right time with right words can make you winner. You must understand what she likes. Some girls like something crazy, silly and daring things while others are so shy and they expect proposal in very decent and sober way. So find her type and ready to set the momentum.

And if you are a girl, you must give him some right signals to boost his confidence so that there should not be any confusion.