Colorful Love Quotations

Colorful Love Quotations

‘Know the relationship with colorful love quotes and understand it in a better way.’

‘There are no limit and no boundaries for love. Love let everyone know about how do you feel and under what circumstance you go through. It is acceptance of someone with their strengths and weakness. It is an addiction, virtue, power and madness.’




“It is only Love which can inspire you to do the things that people thought possible to do”


“In love – You laugh, cry. Sometime it destroys you,

But still love wins over amorous ones,

This which is love, it is beautiful,

Whenever you look with the heart’s view,

It is only disaster, It gives restlessness,

Then why was this whole world made in love?”

“When you kiss me without uttering a single word – You speak to my soul.”


“You hold me close when I am sad,

You wipe the tears from my face,

Every time we are together,

It seems like the perfect place”

— — —

“When I look at you my heart starts to race.

My head is spinning, I’m lost in your gaze.

I know nothing of the world around me..”


“I want to be a part of your life

And be someone special to you

I want to keep your hugs

And to stay at your side.”


“Within his arms there is warmth of love..
as soft as a white winged dove,
When I look up I see a smile on his face,
I feel so secure and purity,
Against his chest I hear his heart pound”


Every time I think of something sad,

I replace the thought- with you!

My mind is instantly changed,

And my heart is filled with gladness.


“I miss being in Love..

I miss how it feels warm and peaceful inside

I miss those calls just to say he’s thinking of you

I miss embracing him while laying by his side

I miss that feeling of intimacy when you know it’s so true

I miss coming home to his arms open wide

I miss dancing together to sweet loves melodies when your in the mood

I miss those long walks side by side where our hands meet and held so tight

I miss when he makes me smile when I was feeling so blue”


“You know it’s beauty when her smile is her best curve.”


“When you can’t believe your eyes, you can always trust

your heart. Love makes anything possible.”


“You must understand each other to love someone..

You must laugh together and smile with your heart..

Love is trust and unconditional..

You must learn how to let them go.”

“It is not being in love that makes me happy

But It is being in love with ‘YOU’ that makes me happy” 🙂


“Why do you feel so nervous when I catch you looking at me?”


“You are my baby – you are my queen,

A beauty like yours – I have never seen,

I love you so much cause you’ve been there through thick and thin,

And I’ll keep loving you till your cup is full to the brim”

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