Most Memorable Love Quotes

Most Memorable Love Quotes

‘Read and share some of the most memorable love quotes to have good time.’

“He cuts a dash in that black suit. Oh God – Help me.”

“She is now my responsibility and I know how to take good care of her. I know you’re her parents and worry about her but I assure you that she’s going to live a very happy life and I will never let your daughter face any difficulty.”

“I still have your love letters, messages, gifts and photos with me. I often go through them when I want you here with me. Everything can be changed but they always remain same.”

“Can I keep your hanky with me o smell you forever.”

“Yes, it is possible that you fall in love again. Although first cut is deep but that may be just infatuation. Time is the better judge. So don’t block your heart.”

“From the day you’ve joined our office – I can not concentrate on work. You style, attitude and dedication attracts me you to you. I hope one day I’ll tell you that.”

“She can not see anyone but she can understand all things with her sixth sense. She is so confident and know how to live life with her disability. I love her and I am going to propose her.”

“The most memorable people in your life will be the people who love you when you were not loving yourself”

“It is our fault that we do not evaluate the them and blindly believe on them. We must ask from some common friend about their history before going ahead.”