My Felings for You

My Felings for You

“I met you accidentally and you have become very important and unintegrated part of my routine”

“Sometime I get tired and think to give up on you but than my heart whispers – I can’t beat without him/her”

“You make feel special, I smile because of you. You are too good and extra ordinary. Buy sometimes you be weird but strange but I love that. You deserve my all feelings, love and care”

“Don’t interrupt me when I kiss, hug or love you because you’re all mine”

“Laying upon you holding hands in hand is the best time ever. I wish I could freeze this moment right here and live in it forever”

“You live in my present and make it so beautiful”

“Learning how to let go is also one of the part of loving”

“The tighter you hug, the better I feel”