In corner of my heart

Somewhere, in corner of my heart, there is a hope of your come back. When you say, I will think about it, I become so positive that start making lots of fantasies but when the time comes, you say I need more time… Believe me, that moment I am broken. It hurts a lot. I […]

The river of feelings

Love is something which introduces us to ourselves. We are so busy in our world that don’t get time to know what we are and what our hearts need. The river of feelings starts flowing when someone make us feel how important, special and worthy we are. We start thinking about them and try to […]

99: Exclusive

‘Explore your feelings to live love life at it’s fullest. Share them to give a special feel and importance to your partner because appreciation always works. Here are 99 exclusive love quotes for you.’ 1. “Real love is often hard, inconvenient and costly. But true happiness only comes to those who care about others at […]