The value

The value of Quotes about love can be understood from those who are going through the feeling of it. This is like an ocean; you cannot measure how deep it is until you do not dive into it. Two souls with no past relation, come into the connection of one another, start liking, sense care […]

Love Never Ends

“Love me for a second and I will make that second last lifetime” “Sun can forget rising, Lion can forget roaring, Earth can forget gravitation – But I can not forget Loving you” “Lust fades but true love never ends, so you’d better be with someone who can stand you” “Possessiveness is true form of […]

Quotes Just For Love

“With you – Everyday is rose day. And without you – Everyday is day is black day. You are my sunshine” “It is impossible for anyone to copy your way. You are simply superb. Only you deserve my all love and care” “Actually I am happier with you” “After meeting you – I came to […]